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Company Introduction

  Nanjing Sunnychip Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is located by Baijia Lake, Jiangning District, Nanjing, known as the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties during the Chinese history. The Company is mainly engaged in the research & development of high-efficiency semiconductor devices. It cooperates with South Korean professionals in power electronics technology to independently develop and design single-tube and module products, including FRD, MOSFET and IGBT.

  The goal of the Company is to develop large-power system power electronic products in the fields of high-frequency inverter welders and UPS. The long-term goal of the Company is to grow into a characteristic company that designs and manufactures various large-power semiconductor devices for high-efficiency green-energy industries.

Company Features

  Hold South Korean technology, operate under South Korean quality management system, specialize in high-reliability power supplies such as inverter welders, professional ultra-fast diode single-tube and module products.


Company Tenet

  Innovate independently, design and manufacture discrete devices and modules such as FRD, MOSFET and IGBT, build a national brand leading in the Chinese domestic power semiconductor field; provide excellent energy-saving and high-efficiency power electronic solutions for customer systems.